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Some News from Mr. Palin's Office:

Michael left on May 13th for the Himalayas to begin filming his new travel series!!!

here's and excerpt from a letter i received a few days ago:

'...He left early this morning to begin filming another documentary travel series, this time in South East Asia, particularly in the Himalaya region. He will be filming on and off for about 10 months, and also writing an accompanying book. The series (and book) is going to occupy him in all its various phases for the next 18 months, i.e. until it goes out on British television late in autumn 2004, and then there will be a fairly full schedule of publicity all over the place for about 5 more months...

Thanks to Alison Davies for the news!

for those who spend a lot of time at most of this should not be new. we've all received messages that he'd be leaving soon...but besides that i haven't read anything about a departure date (i could be wrong, someone could have posted it on the Chatterbox and i could have missed it since i haven't been able to keep up there these days) so thanks to Alison we now know when he left!

I'm very much looking forward to this book and series (well obviously...) but South East Asia is one of my favorite places to study...i hope one day to make it there myself. the ancient cultures of that area are just fascinating.

Book, TV series, autumn 2004 oooh but what does that mean? another BOOK TOUR! more chances for me to make a fool out of myself in front of Michael! :D
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