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Palin People Unite!

Hi everyone! I'm Ariana, and I've just found your super fabulous excellent wonderful heavenly little community here.
Michael Palin has always been my favorite Python, and although I haven't experienced his travel shows yet, I did start reading Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure, which I discovered in my school library.
Here is the address for just about the best Michael Palin site I've yet found:
Do do do check it out. It's got everything.
Well, that seems to be all.
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Hello Ariana, WELCOME!

You must let us know how you liked Hemingway Adventure upon your completion of the book! oh but you NEED to experience those travel shows. I see you are from the US, so do you get the Bravo TV network? they show Palin's Travels weekly:'s_Travels

if not check your county library, i found a bunch of them hiding out there.
good luck fellow Palinite :D